"Bad Company," is an urban drama/action short film that takes place in suburban college town where members of the basketball team are getting into trouble, both on and off the court.

It was all a dream to me to play in the NBA; but all falls short once bad company settled in. You can say I got caught up in the hype or what I call it.... "The lifestyle". Wish I could rewind it all back and do things different, but we all know it's too late for that. Ain't nothing like some fast money I tell you. We live and we learn; tougher the situation the harder the lesson... but it wasn't all bad. It made me a better individual overall. tough times never last, tough people do. Glad to say I made it out the game alive or with my freedom. Things could of went left many times but I believe the way my mother prays for me... I thank the man above for being on my side at my highs and my lows. My name is Kareem Stokes but people know me by Shark. One of those nicknames I earned growing up on the court. I wanna take ya'll through the journey of it all. The ball life, the girls, the real and the fake friends, the greed... it doesn't end. Enjoy.


Story Line